Sunday, May 8, 2011

Manly Man

Rugby is one of the most physical and brutal sports I have ever watched.
Lucky for me it is the sport that Scott plays. I love going to watch him play but I usually come home sore from tensing my muscles and clenching my jaw the whole game and praying that he doesn't break something. He is pretty dang awesome, so luckily no major injuries yet. (knock, knock)

The past couple of days he has been in San Fransisco with his team for a tournament and I am missing him badly. I am so happy that he is coming home tonight. Wooooo Yaaaa!

Running it in for the score!

Can't wait to have you home

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Ritz
Our honeymoon was all a surprise to me. Scott had it all planned and I didn't know where we going until one of his friends sort of spilled the secret at our reception that we were headed to Cancun!!

But first we spent two nights here in Phoenix at the wonderful Ritz-Carlton hotel.
It was totally great, we were on this exclusive floor that you couldn't get to on the elevator unless you had a key. We had a Key!

I'm a little bummed because I can't find the pictures of our first night there, they had roses all over the bed with a big heart in the middle, chocolate covered strawberries and sparking cider sitting out for us. It was so FUN!

Chocolates left on our bed, they looked spray painted
Our floor had food set out for us all the time, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
These were some of the desserts that they had out and I thought they were pretty.


Scott showing off our patio that had a jacuzzi and a hammock!

The beaches were the prettiest I have ever seen.

Scott loves the juice

Scott made us breakfast every morning, what a great guy

Cactus fruit

We came home one of the days to find our kitchen and family room area covered in bubbles. I guess we used a little too much dish soap.


Scott had planned a whole adventure day for us we went on zip-lines, swam in a cenote and went off roading.


We took a bus to the ruins in Tulum.
It was really cool to see all the ruins and the beach there was amazing.

Waiting at the bus station

Isla Mujeres
We took a ferry over to the island of Isla Mujeres.
Scott had arranged for us to get a couples massage, could my life get any better? I think not.

Getting on the ferry.
Massage on the beach!

After our massages we walked around exploring the island and enjoying the people there.

We stopped for lunch at this little place that was run by a family right in front of their house.

This boy cleaned our table, took our drink order, brought us our food then sat down right next to us and did his homework.

We stopped for a coconut

After his dad walked away this little boy decided he would take over.

On our last day we did some shopping at the mall
Notice the kid behind us in a bubble? haha

We found some yummy crepes

Thanks sweetheart for a wonderful honeymoon. You are the best!

At the airport on our way home, Scott had to get a picture of this....

The Beginning

October 28,2010 felt like I had been swept from reality into some fairytale story where I was the princess and all of my dreams where unfolding right before my eyes precisely how I had envisioned them for all of my 25 years. (Corny ? Maybe, but oh so true). Thinking back to that radiant day a mere 6 months ago I can't believe how in
credibly lucky and blessed I am to have married this marvelous man.....
The wonderfulness started with our bridal shoot which turned out so great thanks to Annie Randall......

The bridal party.....
Bridesmaid set #1 , also known as my best friends

Bridesmaid set #2 The Sistas, no other club I would rather be a part of

The Groomsmen

The men that raised me

My sweet flower girls

Remi, Abby, Angi, Phoebe, Quincy, Katie, Halle, Navy, Nessa
Evelyn, Maggie, Meda, Elsie, Kloey, Analia, Finley, Andie, Charly

Amazingly beautiful Jr. bridesmaids
Sydney, Haylee, Hannah, Meg, Mallory, Olivia
Sutton, Emme, Paige, Brinley

Our Handsome Nephews
(I don't know what title they receive, ring bearers??)

Cy, Bear, Harrison, Royce, Jack, Tucker, Ryan,Carter
Baylor, Cap, Brady, Maverik, Jacob, Braiden, Will, Crew

My Family

The Hewards

We danced the night away.....

The day was perfect and I couldn't be more grateful for all of the people who made it possible.